Birthdays are those special days of the year when young people like to celebrate and older folks care to forget.  The passing of another year, more experience and hopefully a fresh start for the future.  Birthdays are special and the tradition of birthday cards, presents and cake are meant to make this day stand out from all of the rest.  Today is my youngest daughter Alicia’s 16th birthday.  A milestone for so many reasons, it is her day to feel extra special.  As her mother, I remember the moment she was born.  I also remember most of the sixteen years that seemed to have flown by and there is much I choose to forget.  But like most parents, I feel very blessed Alicia is mine.  So today as we celebrate with family and friends, I thank God for my precious gift and I thank Alicia for bringing much joy and happiness into my world.

Happy Birthday Alicia!!!!!

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