Never too old…

My daughters, although they are six years apart, have birthdays that fall within a 10 day span.  This time of year is busy not only for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but to celebrate both girls birthdays.  This year Alicia turned 16, which is a milestone in itself, but so is every birthday.  Today is Lauren’s birthday and at 22 years old I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.  Lauren is all done with college and she is an adult.  She is responsible and thoughtful, however, she is still my little girl.  I can have conversations with her about investments, finance and politics yet still get that phone call when life is overwhelming her.  I cherish it and I cherish her.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring so it is today and the little things that really matter.  Birthdays are one of those special things, because you are never too old to celebrate your birthday!

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

For the love of money

Money makes the world go round are lyrics to a song as well as reality.  You cannot live without money.  It provides for us the necessities of life as well as the luxuries.  To what lengths will people go to get it, earn it and keep it?  We all know people who are disciples of money.  They define themselves by their material objects and ‘things’ more than who they are.  The relationships with their children, family and friends pale in comparison to the almighty buck and they know no end and may  steal it, even if they are not the rightful owners.  Small scale or large, money makes strange bedfellows and if you want to see what people are made of just threaten taking something financially away from them.  Our economy crashed and the courts are filled with people who have been conned or are trying to con others all for the sake of a buck.  While we do not need much, most of us want lots.  However, at the end of the day or the end of our lives what does money really bring us?  Does it make us better people or worse?  Does it give us friends or just acquaintances who are around for the financial benefit of being a ‘friend’? Does it provide us comfort if we are sick or dying?  Does it guarantee a life free of strive and our health?  The answer is a resounding No!  Money is what you make it and if you allow it to rule your life and taint your relationships you will pay a price.  A price that may not seem terribly high at the time, but one day for the love of money, you may just end up all alone.


Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Our lives revolve around the love in it.  Love of our parents, family, friends and then that special someone who takes your breath away.  The person you cannot live without and for whom all your thoughts are about.  Love makes people do crazy things.  A feeling of happiness so intense it verges on giddy with a desire to spend every moment together, all indications of people in love.  Love is wonderful to feel in one’s life and is just as magnificent to witness in others.  One of the greatest gifts of being human is our capacity for such wonderful emotions and therefore when the spark of affection is ignited the lengths people will go to spend time with their ‘love’ can be monumental.  People spend countless hours, energy and money traveling to be together.  With a three-day weekend here, the spontaneity of travel plans starts a chain of events that leads to a weekend of time spent with loved ones.  Near and far, east and west and even north heading south, being able to spend time with someone you love is worth all the travel, money and time in the world.  It’s what makes love so special.

I am who I am……

 I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a neighbor, an advocate, an author.  I am a teacher, a cook, a housekeeper, a gardener, a Catholic and an American.    I laugh, I cry and I do the best I can do each and everyday. I am far from perfect, but I strive everyday to do something positive not just for me but for those around me.  I believe there is good in everyone, even though I have been challenged by those who present themselves as pure evil.  I wish everyone the best in what they do, but get mad by those who put themselves above everyone and everything at the expense of others. I love my children, my parents, my family and friends with all my heart, because they are the people I get my joy and energy from and who love me no matter what.  I love my country because no matter what everyone’s differences may be, I recognize what a wonderful life I have because of it.  I love my dog, because unconditional love from a 4 pound Yorkie is wonderful.  I believe in God, compassion and happiness and to achieve peace in one’s life,  I believe you must have all three.  I believe in forgiveness of oneself and others because without it, you live in anger.  I believe we each have a purpose to fill and while we may not know what it is, the lessons learned along the way are invaluable.  I believe in traditions old and new, as they keep me connected  to my past and will leave a legacy of me for those in the future.  I believe in love, because without it I don’t think much else matters.