Making A Memory this Christmas…

My daughter graduated from the University of Florida this past weekend and is now home.  Although she did not want to walk for graduation, she is not into all the pomp and circumstance, I asked her to do it for my benefit.  Like a rite of passage, I wanted her to complete the journey of college with the ceremony.   The graduation weekend was spectacular from beginning to end, and I think even she is happy she decided to do it.  Quick and to the point, the list of names must have topped a couple of thousand, yet within an hour and a half they all processed, heard a few speakers and were bestowed the honors of graduate.  I savored every minute of it snapping pictures the entire time, making a memory.  Just three and half short years ago I dropped a then 17-year-old Lauren off in Gainesville reluctantly returning to New York and leaving my little girl 1000 miles behind.  She flourished in that college town.  She worked hard, finishing up her degree a half a year early, being part of the ‘Tebow Era’ at UF and doing what college students do; making the most of those times, making a memory.  Although she is presently finished, I am sure advanced degrees are in her future, but right now there is no hurry.  She did it!   She set a goal and made her dream a reality, a mighty feat for such a young woman facing some tough obstacles.  Her future is bright and her resolve is strong, and for now I just got one of the best gifts a mother could get this Christmas and for that I say thank you Lauren and thank you God!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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