Team Work

I’ve been blogging on & off for over a decade & as the landscape of social media has changed so has the opportunities it presents. Through various platforms & simple apps, creating & posting great content has become easy & therefore universal. How does one distinguish themselves in the ever growing sea of accounts, posts & traffic? As we have been working both on our charity & business ventures, we are learning one of the the best things about social media is the reach. We have connected with other charities & businesses across the United States & have started partnering with them. From brands to causes we are working together to join forces & create messages & stories that will drive more traffic, gain more followers & therefore more awareness & funds for all.

This type of outreach & marketing is a digital version of old fashioned conversations. From meeting people in the grocery store, striking up a conversation at the checkout line, to the people you meet at the bank, the natural tendency for most is to have a connection with someone else. A conversation is communication, but it is also a personal connection to someone else. Growing your network whether for personal, charitable or for business is today’s version of making new friends.

We want to know what things you are doing to connect with others & how have these things helped your business or charity? Sharing ideas & similar visions is the the best part of social media & brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, Team work makes the dream work!

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