Islanders vs Rangers

The New York Islanders vs the New York Rangers is one of the all time great New York rivalries.  You do not need to be a hockey fan to know this.  I grew up on Long Island attended quite a few Islander games and always enjoyed ice hockey.  My son even played ice hockey and when onetime Islander Garry Galley moved into a house around the corner from us, we spent many nights with his family watching the Islanders play.  The hockey community is very connected and this past summer I was fortunate enough to have a one time coach of my son contact me about working with the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer to give his players some community service time.  He said the game is not just playing on the ice, but it is what you do off the ice as well.  I was impressed and instantly said yes to any ideas coach Kenny had.  Well after many telephone conversations, contact with dynamo Islanders staffer Marc and lots of people working very hard, everyone’s interests will soon be realized when the LI Wolfpack hosts a home opener October 29 benefitting the Foundation and gets to play a charity hockey game at the Nassau Coliseum before the infamous rivalry of the Islanders vs the Rangers on November 15.  Everyone associated with these events has proven to be extremely helpful working to our common mission of helping kids with cancer.  The Islanders even discounted ticket prices for us in order to allow more people who might not be able to afford it attend.  I write about this as to me it is one of the best examples of what a team is all about.  A group of people working for the common good.  It gives me great hope for our future when I see young men such as the LI Wolfpack team not only play hard on the ice, but work hard to help those who sometimes can’t do it for themselves.  To the players, Coach Ken, Marc,the New York Islanders and to everyone who shows up to these games I say a very heartfelt thank you!

It’s nice to have something really good to be grateful for.




  1. Let’s hope the Islanders are able to stay on Long Island. It would be a shame to see them go. I went to school at Hofstra back in the 80’s and it was great to be able to go next door and catch a game whenever we wanted.

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