Is anyone surprised that corruption exists?  Is anyone surprised there is an elite class who use their riches and power for their own benefit, many times to the detriment of others? Is anyone surprised many politicians  and celebrities who lecture everyone else about social injustices and global issues, are hypocrites?  They are protected by bodyguards with guns, fly in private jets that use inordinate amounts of fuel, get preferential treatment and access to whatever they want and live a life of privilege and power none of us will ever experience. News flash for those who are surprised, this has been life in America for decades!  The difference today;  unfettered growth of social media and real-time reporting has exposed this for everyone to see.  This elitist class is the fuel for the movement known as Donald Trump.  It doesn’t matter whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is an outsider and not a politician. He represents people’s anger against the establishment and the corruption that exists on so many levels. He is a threat to ending the system of those who line their own pockets by using their positions of power and influence; those who have positioned themselves above the law.  A Donald Trump presidency would mean the end of the corrupt status quo.  When we hear the pundits with dire predictions of what could happen if Trump wins this election, read between the lines. The real concern  is the end of the current system.  It would be an end of the self-enrichment so many in power depend on as their way to wealth and influence.  Where would many of these politicians and their pundits go to make so much money and have so much power if they were elected out of power?  Live regular lives like everyone else where an honest day of work meant an honest day of pay?  Want Broadway tickets?  Like everyone else, you will have to wait for months to see a show.  No special favors, perks and treatment to garner an advantage in decision-making.

Those who speak out against the corruption and expose it are quickly slandered, ridiculed,  and maligned.  From the Capital, the local townboard to the county courthouse and everywhere in between, corruption is today’s reality. Families throughout the United States in court appointed guardianship’s, are an example of everyday people being destroyed by those who abuse the laws that were meant to protect.  This is an everday reality and it is up to each of us to put an end to this. When you hear politicians or those seeking to be elected, do so with a critical ear.  Ask the question, what is their background and who are they connected to?  Research their associations and involvement within the community, look at their finances and their business successes and failures. Hold everyone to the same standard in order to make an informed decision. You don’t need to like them, they are not going to be your friend. We elect people to govern and make responsible decisions for the benefit of everyone.  They need to be competent leaders with proven track records, not their own stated successes. Read about them and never believe everything you hear. Those who attack others for stating an opinion or belief are the tools of the elitists.  Intimidate others to silence them is directly in conflict with our freedom of speech and the principles this country was built on.  Be informed and inquisitive.  We can agree to disagree, but must be respectful of differences which is the cornerstone this country was founded upon.

Educated voters are corruptions worst nightmare.  It means voters are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, not what they are being told by others.

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