american-flagHelp! The country has lost its way and who cares? We have a government that spends and spends with no regard to balancing the budget or lowering taxes. We now learn the IRS which is persecuting and singling out conservative groups is using taxpayer money for parties, conferences and ‘swag bags’. If I ran my household in such a fiscally irresponsible manner I would be bankrupt and put out of my home! My not for profit The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer, a 501(c)3 for the past 11 years had trouble filing our annual report this year with the IRS. It makes me wonder, is this a coincidence or is it due to the fact that me and my board members have conservative views and our willingness to share our views? Should we be afraid? Are the core values and freedoms that this country is based upon being taken away?

I believe in God and my right to say I do. I respect others rights to their beliefs, just please don’t tell me what I should be thinking or saying because it is politically correct.

Now we find out our cellphone calls as well as our internet surfing and purchasing are all being monitored by the government. I personally am alarmed and worried about these latest revelations. Are you?

I love this country and the freedoms I enjoy. I enjoy writing this blog and pray I will continue to be able to do so. I want my children and their children to also enjoy the same freedoms afforded me. I am very afraid however, and am even more afraid when the news finds celebrity misbehavior a more newsworthy story rather than our government running amuck.