Each day our lives change and while for the majority of us the change is undetectable, it is still there.  We grow older as do our children, our relationships change, our health changes and the list goes on and on.  For some people the change is instantaneous; a cancer diagnosis, something catastrophic happens, a job is lost.  The one common denominator however, is time marches on and with it comes change.  When we look back, these are our memories.  Some of them are good and some are bad.  The mind has a great way of minimizing the bad and trying to give us a clearer view of the good.  A forgotten time with loved ones who are gone, days when life was carefree and simple, when our children were small, we all have those times we can reflect upon with a smile.  There are things in our lives though that no matter when we look back upon them they cause angst and pain.  Sickness and death are two of those things, but rest assured we all have them.  The trick is to be able to embrace your past and move on with your life.    Do not get stuck in the past.  Remembering is good, but pining for what once was wastes our time, energy and emotions.    Embrace the present, no matter what it may be and make the best of it.  Life is a journey to be experienced in all it’s glory; the ups and downs.  Our lives are the building blocks for our children and their children.  The stories that will once be told about you and your life should be funny, inspirational and positive and while we may think the stories are not particularly interesting or important, the way we conduct ourselves and live our life will be.  Each day is a gift that we should cherish and live to our fullest potential.  Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do something you have never done before.  Force positive change and do it with a smile.   Who cares what someone else thinks?   If we live our life with passion and purpose we are writing our unique story each day.  Our story is our own and a work in progress and it is about our future, not our past.  We can change our future but are stuck if we choose to live in our past.

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