Optimists have a way of finding good in everything.  Looking at life as though the glass is half full is a way of appreciating the small things and trying not to be overwhelmed by the bad.  There are times however, when the bad seems to overtake even an optimist.  Cancer sucks and I have spoken about it, written about it and actually have experienced it.  Too many people are fighting that battle and it is a terrible fight.  Cancer changes everything and no one is immune.  We spend our lives trying to eat right, exercise and maintain our health, but there are no guarantees.  Cancer can strike anyone at anytime from a newborn baby to a senior citizen.  We all know people who have battled cancer and we also know those who did not make it.  I know many cancer survivors my daughter being one of them.  I know people who now are with angels like Sarah.  I also know those people who choose to be on the front lines of cancer care everyday like Jill and Antonella.  I also know that life is a gift of today with the hope of tomorrow, but without any guarantees. Cancer has made me thankful for good health, appreciative of today and the people in my life, and motivates me to help those who one day find themselves on the front lines of a war they didn’t plan on fighting.

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  1. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration seem to agree with his approach. It approved two non-anthracycline treatment plans to be used with Herceptin. Today, an estimated 60 per cent of new patients in the U.S. with potentially curable HER-2 breast cancer (that is, cancer that has not spread) are provided with the new, less-toxic treatment.

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