Living with the truth…..

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world of people acting respectfully and responsibly; a world where people spoke the truth instead of distorting it? Wouldn’t it be nice if your relatives were role models and nice people? Wouldn’t it be nice if those who supposedly loved us actually showed it to us with their actions instead of just saying they do? Wouldn’t it be nice if people got over things and learned compassion? For those who don’t like me………guess what, I don’t like you either. The difference between you and me however, is I actually have a life and am so over your drama, self-serving agenda and narcissistic ways. I am blessed, I actually got over things many years ago and I thank those who also have moved on and now have a meaningful loving place in our lives. We adore you and you know who you are. For those who cannot and will not move on, it would be admirable if as role models you could do what’s best for the kids who are now adults and learn to keep your distorted views of life to yourself. Show the kids how compassionate, respectful adults behave. That is how loving, mature informed adults act. Since you cannot or will not behave in a way becoming of a kind person, I guess it is safe to say you really don’t have a life of your own. When put in that context I guess all any of us can do is pity and feel sorry for you. You are missing out of so many good things. I also pray for you because what a terrible way to live one’s life.

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