Tim Tebow and the Broncos….

Tim Tebow and the Broncos season ended last night in Foxboro with a decisive loss.  Tom Brady and the Patriots were unstoppable and played flawlessly and with home field advantage they triumphed.  Congratulations to them and to the eventual Superbowl winners.  I am disappointed  the Broncos didn’t go all the way, but so is every other fan whose team losses.  For every winning team there is a losing one; something we have forgotten about in this country since sports our own children play nowadays is based more on showing up than skill.  When I was a child, there was no trophy for attendance.  Everyone did not get an award and therefore awards meant something.  Today in our quest to be fair to everyone we have taken the incentive away to do better and win.  Therefore, we are now dealing with a bunch of sore losers.  Losing is part of the life and part of the game.  A gracious loser is a lost art as nowadays many defeated opponents and fans get ‘mad’ rather than respecting an opponents win .  The better team won and Tim Tebow was gracious as usual. There can be only one Superbowl winner and to those teams still on that quest to get there, good luck.

The Broncos ended up having a great season and  I have said it before and I will say it again, I think Tim Tebow is great role model.  He is a 24-year-old who ‘gets it’.  He focuses his energy on not only football but his charity work and due to my own charity work I find this commendable.  He brings sick kids to games and spends time with them and their families to keep the game in perspective.  He believes in God and family.  He is respectful, well poised and well spoken.  Tim Tebow’s got class!  So for all you ‘haters’ I ask you this, what was your twenty something child doing on a Saturday night in January?  Do they have a national platform to help sick children and utilize it to make a difference for these kids?  Have they sparked a passion and dialogue within this country about respect and religion that has not been seen in recent memory?  Do they work long and hard at perfecting a skill with a team?  Are they humble, polite and appreciative for where they have gotten, or are your kids sitting at their computers on a Saturday night and just like you writing bad things about Tim Tebow?  Could it be we now have a generation of people who received one too many attendance trophies as children?   Is it so difficult to recognize or appreciate accomplishment even if we don’t agree with it?  Or could it be all of those who find fault with Tim Tebow are really are just jealous?  The answer to that question lies within each person, but us Tebow fans will respect those opinions no matter what they may be.  It is what Tim would do!

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