I Wrote a Best Seller!

I love to write.  I blog, I tweet and I wrote a book.  I know people read my work, as I can see from my followers, subscribers and those who have purchased my book.  I do not have the notoriety however, to make my book a best seller.  I always thought the toughest part would be writing.  Sitting down to write, organize and make sense of my thoughts.  It took a fairly long time to write, edit, then rewrite again.  I worked long and hard trying to perfect my book and make it the best it could be.   The day it was finally published gave me a  great sense of accomplishment when I received my first copy in the mail.  Of course my friends and family have all read my book and a few months ago my book was turned into an e-book, another milestone.     I have not however, been able to get the media, literary or online viral attention I know my book deserves.  My story is uplifting, my message is powerful and when my book sells, a portion of the sale goes to help fund my charity the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer.  So why is it that tell all books from celebrities make bestseller lists and a true story of a young child’s successful battle against cancer who started a Foundation does not?  Is the material not compelling or interesting enough for today’s readers, or do I just lack the money and marketing firm that can promote anything?  Does the substance of a book matter or is it the star power behind it?  Do author’s like myself who work hard on our craft have a chance in a media driven world where  celebrity means everything?

I am an eternal optimist and spend my days promoting and introducing my book to anyone who will listen.  I also  believe that one day my book will get the attention and notoriety it  deserves.  If it doesn’t, it certainly won’t be from lack of trying!


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