What’s your plan?

Happy New Year, the beginning of 2019! A time when New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind. Dieting, exercise, becoming organized or budgeting are just some resolutions people make for themselves. These are all admirable aspirations, but I wonder how many of these ‘ideas’ actually come to fruition? It’s great to say you have a goal, but I am more interested in what you will do to achieve your goal. Like going on a road trip, setting a goal for yourself involves a roadmap. You wouldn’t take a trip cross country without researching where you are going & a map. A life map, just like a road map helps give direction & guidance in order to achieve our dreams & New Year’s resolutions. Without a map getting anywhere would be incredibly hard if not impossible. Without a map we wouldn’t know what roads are the shortest & the most efficient route. Your New Year’s resolution just like a life plan, requires a map. The more details the easier it is to follow. An example: Looking to save money? Do a budget, review all purchases, shop sale items only, brown bag lunch, etc…

I have learned that to achieve success, it is imperative to make a plan & then execute it. The goal may change as well as the execution, but having guidelines gives direction & focus that helps me be efficient & gives me a way to measure progress. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated with results you can measure. As long as you are working towards your goal, that is progress. How many times have you set the same New Year’s resolutions year after year because you never achieve them? Speaking or posting about it isn’t the same as actually doing it. Actions speak louder than words & constant perseverance in executing a plan is the way to make the changes we speak about when January 1st arrives.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I wish everyone good health, good fortune & success. I want 2019 to be the year you accomplish all those wonderful things that you desire. I also want to know what will you be doing differently this year to actually achieve them? May your goals be lofty, your plans plentiful & your successes immeasurable. Make it happen. Define your goal, write it down, figure out every step you need to do to achieve it & then execute it each & every day! Happy New Year!

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