I am tired of Charlie Sheen

What is wrong with us that we now have become a society of ‘watchers’ spending our time viewing the bad behavior of others and thinking that is entertainment? Reality TV of families needing help with everything from cluttered houses, unruly children and pregnant teens, our level of entertainment has hit an all time low.  News is no longer reporting facts, it has become about political posturing.  There are liberal outlets as well as conservative ones and the goal seems to be trying to discredit the other and make our differences even wider. Is this is good journalism?  Celebrities making jerks out of themselves are national news.  I am tired of watching Charlie Sheen and his rantings. Where are positive stories of hard-working people who volunteer their time and make a difference in the lives of others?  Why is this not the norm?  It is a sad statement of where society has ‘devolved’.  Gone are the days of civility and respect and there is now a generation of children growing up in this era believing that this is just fine.  It is not fine, in fact it is terrible.  Is it any wonder when kids emulate this behavior and find these people their role models?  They don’t recognize what good behavior and good values are all about.  I guess I am just getting ‘older’ finding the current state of society unsettling, however how can we expect a positive future and when our present is so ‘messed up’?