Independence Day


Independence Day is  a day celebrated to commemorate the birth of the United State’s independence from England. Today it’s synonymous with fireworks and bar-b-cues, friends and family. What are we really celebrating though?   When the declaration of independence was signed over 200 years ago the people of the then colonies drew a line in the sand they no longer would stand for the oppression of Britain.  The colonists were tired of being overtaxed, being told what to do while being forced to support the oppressive British monarchy they  had lost faith in.  The colonists and drafters of the Declaration of Independence no longer would stand for it.  They wanted independence, to govern themselves and be in charge of their own destiny.  These colonists who included Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were considered radical at the time.  The quest for equality and freedom was the goal, and the war leading up to July 4, 1776 was called the Revolutionary War.  This country is founded upon freedom and every one of our fundamental rights grew from this revolution.   Fast forward to today.  The political and social climate has devolved into a system that is more similar to the colonies and England from 240 years ago versus the free nation we are celebrating today.

Politicians and courts are corrupt. The media goes to great lengths to protect them and report opinion versus news. The will of the people is ignored and safeguards in place, that at one point protected citizens, are overridden by those with power. Each and everyday the country drifts further away from the principles and ideals that it was founded upon.  This election cycle is indicative of citizens revolting against the ‘good ole boys and girls club’ and the status quo of career politicians who have personally enriched themselves at the expense of the people they are suppose to serve.  The rights we believed we all had and were ensured by this government are systematically removed by the very courts who are suppose to protect them.

Don’t believe this?  Ask any family going through a guardianship case in the courts.  People are reduced to nothing more than chattel and all those estate plans and documents that were thoughtfully drafted, witnessed and notarized so someone’s wishes would be clear and respected, they are disregarded and thrown out with the garbage.  Court appointed ‘professionals’ enrich themselves with the assets of the people they are entrusted to ‘protect’ and they destroy families with lies and accusations in order to keep themselves in power and in the money.

Don’t believe the government is corrupt?  Where else can a career politician operate outside the law with missing documents, clandestine meetings and personal financial gain while a public servant and then run for President of the United States?  The Clinton’s are the poster children of politicians turned elitists, yet they actually believe they are entitled and deserving of an even longer run and they have convinced millions of people of the same.

You might not like Donald Trump and it doesn’t matter he is the revolutionary in this election.  He spent a lifetime growing businesses, working hard and actually accomplishing something on his own, not at the expense of the American people.  His progression from businessman to elected officials should be the expected route of our officials not the other way around.  The Presidential election is really not a popularity contest.  It is a race for who is better fit to serve this country, its citizens and its ideals? Who is the best person to put America first instead of themselves?  It is a race for our freedoms and to stop the insanity that today has the United States looking more like the Pre-Revolutionary War colonies versus the great Nation it once was.  As we celebrate Independence Day I believe we have an obligation to think about what would future July 4th holidays look like if we don’t stop the insanity destroying the United States? What will the burgeoning government have us celebrate if we allow it to continue to rob us of our freedoms while making us pay for this?  Would future July 4th holidays even be called Independence Day when our leaders, our lives and our country no longer shared or valued our Independence?   Question, do you want your voice and your life directed by your wishes or by someone who historically put their self interest above everyone else?  The choice is yours.





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