My daughters, although they are six years apart, have birthdays that fall within a 10 day span.  This time of year is busy not only for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but to celebrate both girls birthdays.  This year Alicia turned 16, which is a milestone in itself, but so is every birthday.  Today is Lauren’s birthday and at 22 years old I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.  Lauren is all done with college and she is an adult.  She is responsible and thoughtful, however, she is still my little girl.  I can have conversations with her about investments, finance and politics yet still get that phone call when life is overwhelming her.  I cherish it and I cherish her.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring so it is today and the little things that really matter.  Birthdays are one of those special things, because you are never too old to celebrate your birthday!

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

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