I have been told time heals all wounds, but does it?  Life is a series of experiences triumphs & tragedies that the passage of time can soften our memories of.  Time however, doesn’t make those feelings go away.  As we grow older & have more memories in our memory bank we can be selective as to the ones we choose to remember & the ones we try to forget.  We never do forget though.  With the sadness there can be joy.  Through the tears there should be laughter.   Through the chaos look for peace.  As a child I thought of life as one continuous narrative of everything I would ever do.  I now know life is a series of separate eras based upon stages of our lives.   When one stage ends, another begins.  We never forget our prior ‘life’ though because it is the basis of our new phase.  We can however, reflect upon it more kindly & lovingly, filtering out the bad and focusing on the good.  We never forget the people or things that mattered.  Their influence, love & presence is part of everything we do.  Although loved ones may no longer be with us, they are part of everything we do today because they mattered and our memories won’t let us forget that!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mount!


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