Independence Day

We live in a country that gives us wonderful things.  Freedom, a voice and choices.  Although we all come from different parts of the world, as a nation true Americans are proud of our history and traditions.  Today July 4th is our nations birthday and while we all go to the beach, attend bar b cues and watch fireworks, let’s not forget what it all means, what it is all about.  Countless people who fought long and hard then gave their lives in order for our freedoms.  Let’s not also let the current political climate cloud our vision of what this country is built upon, freedom.  Government should stop trying to protect us from ourselves, tax us to death in order to spend more money and divide this wonderful nation with political agendas.  July 4th is a celebration and should be the start of something big as we take back our country, our government and restore our pride of being American.  Happy Independence Day!

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