Happy New Year….Hello 2014!


Another year has passed and what have you done?  Have you achieved all you hoped for at the beginning of 2013? Are you happy or sad to see this year go and a new one begin?  Welcoming a new year is part of life.  Days turn into weeks, into months and into years and they seem to just fly by.  As we welcome 2014 it is a chance to ‘reboot’ our lives and start anew.  There is something refreshing about getting to restart all over again.  Goal setting and looking to achieve specific objectives are part of this annual ritual.  It is great if you can follow through on all those promises you make to yourself, but the fact you would even entertain the idea of reorganization, reflection and a redo means you still have hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow and hope for new things.  The fundamental condition that makes everyone happy and feel purpose is hope.  A new year and a resolution means you have hope and for that you should be the most grateful, for without hope there isn’t much else.

Happy New Year!

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