palm treeExperience hopefully teaches us those valuable lessons that we can call upon later in life when facing similar circumstances.  In a perfect world everyone would be wise, kind & caring.  In a perfect world we would know the problems in our future and tend to them before they became problems.  In a perfect world we would relish every second of those times that brought us joy and try to forget those things that brought us sorrow.  In  a perfect world our family members wouldn’t get sick and would be with us forever.  However, we do not live in a perfect world and life is imperfect.  Each day we get to make choices that will shape our future.   Each day, although the day may seem mundane & menial, it could be your last.  As we grow older, we recognize this and start reflecting on those times that made us laugh and made us smile.  As we grow older, we appreciate what once was, but also recognize the value of where we now are.  Life is about forward moving progress and not stagnation.  If you’re not living & growing you’re dying.

Our memories become a bridge to what once was and where we now are.  We cannot turn back the clock and relive our lives and do we really want to?  We  can however, revisit those feelings reflecting upon the things that made us laugh, cry & say thank you to the memories that are the building blocks of our lives.  So today and every day, wake up, thank the Lord for your blessing then go out and make a memory!

Good wishes & blessings to everyone making special memories today!