Yin and yang

Life is like a roller coaster.  The unpredictability of it is what makes it so interesting and just like when the roller coaster goes into the tunnel and makes a quick, sharp turn so it is in life.  We like to imagine what our future will be like.  We plan and try to control our destiny, only to have our plans change.   It is our ability to adjust to these changes that give us our perspective.  There are people who embrace change rather than fight it.  Their philosophy is why waste energy on something we cannot control.  These people are the optimists of the world.  They roll with the punches and adapt.  The pessimists of the world actually believe they can control their fate.  When things don’t go their way they complain about it.  No matter how good their lives are, the pessimist focuses on what they don’t have rather than be thankful for what they do.  The  yin and yang of the world the way you handle life helps dictate what your experience will be.  Finding the blessings in what comes our way is a gift that can make the roller coaster a little easier to handle.  Planning can be fine, remember however that we plan and God laughs and that is the story of my life and pretty much everyone elses as well.

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