Motivation comes from within.  Our lives keep us moving towards goals and our aspirations get us there.  It is when we really want something that we work the hardest.  Complacency gets you no where, yet motivation can move mountains.  I have devoted the past ten years to my pet project The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer. I believe the work we do is so important that I have put aside many other things in order to keep our mission alive and our work going.  I also believe my group of friends and family who volunteer their time to help me are angels.   I often think about all the little charities just like mine, started by parents who either lost children or who’s lives have been impacted by sickness.  Those people who have stepped up and devoted themselves to helping the world.  One dollar at a time, one child at a time the amount of money and resources donated to kids with cancer by  these dedicated people is immeasurable.  When I think of many of us affected, I believe God chose those of us who would use these experiences to help others and make this world a little better than it was before.  We are motivated to do what we do because we care!

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