Christmas Blizzard 2010

Mother nature has obviously flexed her muscle and shown us all who is boss.  The blizzard and cold weather that has gripped the country is a reminder that even with the best laid plans, you plan and God laughs!  Some say the timing is terrible with the holidays here and people traveling, but is there ever a good time?  The lesson from all of this is flexibility.  Nothing is set in stone and the easier we adapt the better off we will be.  Being upset by a change in plans is not worth it, since there is nothing that can be done.   Wishing the snow to melt will not make it happen.  The same holds true with pretty much every situation.  Being able to adapt to change is a less stressful way of life.  Although it may make you unhappy at that moment, in the end things tend to work out.  Learning to embrace change and make the best of  it is easier said than done.  If you are snowed in, enjoy the forced time off.  Celebrate the people you are with and even go out and play in the snow.  When was the last time you made a snowman or had a snow ball fight?   Occassionally we need our attention redirected to focus on things like friends and family and this blizzard provided an opportunity to do just that!