Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What one person sees as beautiful someone else sees differently.  Life has the same way of making one person feel one way and someone else another.  When I was twenty something beauty to me was significantly different from what I now see as beautiful.  We live in a society where youth equates beauty and age is often overlooked.  Maybe it’s now because I am an ‘older’ person I recently looked at some magazines and was inundated with images of teenagers selling me wrinkle creams, skin care products and diet supplements.  I found myself amused by the idea that models the age of my daughters could in any way shape or form represent the beauty challenges of the middle-aged.  When I was that age I needed none of the above.  Youth was on my side and now that I do need assistance the last people I look too are teenagers.  Do cosmetics companies truly think we are all so stupid to believe that using one of their creams will make us look like a teenager?  Who wants to look like a teenager?  With age comes wisdom, a lifetime of experience and with it many of the battle scars.  The crows feet around one’s eyes along with lots of freckles from summers spent at the beach when sunblock was optional.  The little lines around mouths from lots of smiling and laughing.  Stretch marks from carrying our children and the gray hairs that remind us that the seasons of life are always changing.  I am not obsessed by beauty I  am however proactive in my quest to be the best I can be.  Forget all the fancy and expensive creams and moisturizers, my beauty routine now consists of healthy eating, lots of green tea and coconut and almond oil.   Nowadays, I tend to my health rather than try to fix a problem.  I exercise, eat right and now put the same energy into maintaining good health that I once did to have the ‘perfect’ home beautifully decorated.  Simple is best, as it is with most things we do.  It just takes some of us a while to appreciate and embrace it.


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