The Non-coincidental Coincidence


Life has a funny way of presenting coincidence.  There are some who say coincidence is just irony, I on the other hand beg to differ.  Coincidence in my mind is God’s way of putting ‘pieces’ of life’s complications together.   Tonight I attended a long time friends nuptials.   For someone who has never been married, the process of a ‘wedding’ is priceless.   It was beautiful, lovely and a great time for all.  The thing I find as the irony or God’s coincidence is the ‘random’ couple who sat at our table.  With unassigned seating anyone in that room of one hundred people could have sat with us.  The couple that did however, had a common denominator with me that is undeniably my mission and role in this world.  Their son is battling cancer.  They apologized for having to leave early to get home in time for their daily call to their son.  I understood completely and even sent my love.  While I thought my mission tonight was to show my love and support of my longtime friend who finally found ‘the one’, it was about the couple who sat next to us who is struggling, hurting and hoping for a brighter tomorrow.   None of us has a crystal ball on what will happen next.  All we can control is this moment and even that is limited.  I always am amazed by God’s master plan as he sends me in the direction that I am needed most.  I learned yet again, that all we have to be grateful for is this right now, this moment and this second.  Everything else is really just a waste of precious time!

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