Pediatric Cancer Awareness

September is almost over and with it the hope that pediatric cancer awareness month would get national attention and major support.  Cancer is a terrible disease no matter who the victim is young or old, but even more so for a child.  The battle to beat cancer and survive becomes paramount when kids should be enjoying childhood and life.  Unfortunately, there are those children who lose their battle leaving family and friends behind to deal with a loss that can never be healed.  For those who survive their cancer, it is not without a life long cost of health issues and post secondary cancer risks.  Cancer sucks!  I have devoted the past ten years to pediatric cancer and raising money for psycho-social support and trying to elevate the cause to a national level it deserves.  The inspiration and motivation behind my cause, soon to be 17-year-old Alicia, is the driving force.  The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer  has done some amazing things these past ten years and while we have had the ups and downs of not for profits, we will persevere and grow.  Let Gold Be Told the newest branch of the Honeysuckle Foundation is Alicia’s personal quest to bring national attention to pediatric cancer awareness and a dedicated day for all of those who have been touched by pediatric cancer to unite, support each other and bring attention to the plight of pediatric cancer patients and families everywhere.  We are growing and evolving.  I am asking anyone with a story of pediatric cancer who will share it with us to be posted on Alicia’s Facebook page Let Gold Be Told to email to me.  The hope or goal is every story is an important one and no one should be forgotten.  Email me if you want to be part of our movement and let’s  hope next year I will be writing about the success of our first annual Let Gold Be Told pediatric cancer awareness day!


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