Optimist or pessimist?  Do you find the ‘good’ in life and others or do you focus on the ‘bad’?  Life is a never-ending series of triumphs and challenges.  The continual barrage of changing circumstances can be frightening or invigorating, it depends upon your perspective.  I am an eternal optimist.  I embrace what’s good and find the ‘lesson’ when things are bad.   God has been good to me and our family and I make sure I take a moment to reflect upon that each and everyday.

A pediatric cancer diagnosis turned into a blessing for without it, the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer never would have been founded and I wouldn’t have written a book.

My first husbands filing for divorce gave my daughters and I peace and the opportunity to pursue our dreams in paradise.

My late husband Ronald renewed my faith in people and love and gave me ten years of incredible memories and joy.  I found the love of my life in someone who challenged me each and everyday to do better and made me laugh all the time.

I am grateful to my estranged son and stepson Stephen and Ian, because while their absence is noted, they are a reminder that even when we do the best we possibly can, everyone is responsible for their own behavior and actions.  Ron and I always wanted whats best for all our children, but we made peace with our sons abandonment years ago. It was their choice not ours.

Grandchildren make our lives worth living and once you have them, they are your life!

My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins who are still with us provide our family with laughter, strength and stories from years gone by.

The strife of the past year and half has refocused my purpose and stoked the advocate and author in me.  I hadn’t realized I have one hell of a story to tell and am committed to share it with the world. Without all those objections I didn’t consider it worth writing about, but now I know it is.

The people I have met along the way have shown me the good the bad and the ugly.  Those who are selfless and devoted are examples of incredible human spirit and those self-advocating and disingenuous make me be grateful I am not them!

Death is another beautiful phase of life.  Just as we are born and grow, although physically things change upon death, death is only the end of our physical being not our spirit. Our loved ones never leave those they loved and their presence help us get through our lives.

My life has been crazy yet I am grateful.  Without the ups and downs, the friends and foe, those who came and went and the triumphs and tribulations I wouldn’t be who I am today.   I am grateful for everyone and everything that has come my way. I have learned something for all of them.  Many people would say it has been difficult and challenging, but I would have to disagree.  I am the eternal optimist. I thank God for the blessing called my life.  Is there any better gift I could give myself?  I don’t think so!


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