Being an adult can really suck sometimes.  You have to act responsibly, be respectful of others and try to keep everyone’s life in balance.  One of the most difficult parts is you have to deal with other adults.  I often wonder why I feel no different at middle age as when I was a kid.  Somewhere along the way the years have passed though, I have life experience  and I have grown up.  I recognize my responsibilities and work hard to fulfill each of them with respect.  I have to be organized, need to make good life choices for both myself and my family and I have to do the right thing even if I sometimes do not want to.  Although  I have grown up I still have to deal with those people who never grew up, the bullies of the world.  As children, these were the kids you stayed away from.  We see extreme versions of this on television with videos of bullies picking on others.  These children are demanding, mean-spirited and narcissistic, and many are violent.  Due to some deep-rooted issues of childhood the only way these people feel better about themselves is to belittle or harass someone else.  Did you ever wonder what happens to these kids when they grow up?  Nothing.  They are still the same demanding, narcissistic people they were as kids.  They more than likely went through a time in their life in order to ‘fit in’, get a job or maybe get married they had to put on a show and act like they were honorable people.  However, life has a funny way of exposing everyone’s truths when adversity sets in.  Adversity does not define one’s character it simply reveals it.  The same as a leopard never changes its spots, most bullies of the world never learn to behave and spend their lives blaming others for their ‘misfortune’.  They are masters of the blame game. Their loss of a job, loss of a home or divorce are always someone elses fault, and never their own.  They will sacrifice their own family,  in order to promote their agenda and heaven help anyone who gets in their way.  Money and material objects are their God and they will do anything to keep hold of these things, even at someone else’s expense.  Their hate of others far outweighs any love they are capable of.  We all know these types and although, they can be on best behavior , it is difficult for them to maintain this facade indefinitely.  Their true colors eventually come through.   These are the people others discuss privately in their homes and point out to their children as an example on how to never behave.  As most people would, I avoid associating with these types of people but we all must deal with them sometimes. I do however, feel sorry for them.   How sad to spend each day seeking out ways to promote yourself at the cost of others and never really have the committment of people who love you and are just afraid of you.  I find it sad to never have peace because you spend your life trying to get over on someone else and ‘win’ at any cost.  The negative energy required for this seems exhausting to me.    Karma however,  has a way of dealing with these people and while most of us would love to see bullies of the world get their do, it is not for us to relish in their misery.  That would make us no better than the bully.   The truth of who they really are and what they do lies deep within them and maybe their due is just living their life as they have chosen.  When all is said and done and all the material things in the world are gone it is how we treated others and how we made people feel that we will be remembered for.  Our value will be measured in good memories and the love we surround ourselves with and not dollars and cents or triumphs over others in order to ‘win’.