Wealth: an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount.  How do you define wealth?  Is it having lots of money, living in a big home and owning lots of nice things?  Is wealth strictly measured in material items, or is wealth much more than that?  I always thought the goal was to have more things, and while we cannot live without shelter, food and clothing, how much is too much?  Do we get caught up in acquiring more ‘wealth’ that the small intangibles are forgotten; a telephone call to a long-lost friend, dropping by to see an elderly neighbor or making time to attend your child’s practice.   At the end of our lives do we wish to surround ourselves with our possessions or are people what matters?  Do we strive so hard to ‘make it’ that we forget to enjoy the journey?  I once thought I knew what was important in achieving lifelong goals for a comfortable life yet after witnessing others who reached that goal to find out they were all alone,  I know what does matter.    My life has taken me on a journey high and low and given me opportunities, brought wonderful people into my life and I am blessed with incredible family and friends. I may never be rich, however I am very, very wealthy!

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