Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Our lives revolve around the love in it.  Love of our parents, family, friends and then that special someone who takes your breath away.  The person you cannot live without and for whom all your thoughts are about.  Love makes people do crazy things.  A feeling of happiness so intense it verges on giddy with a desire to spend every moment together, all indications of people in love.  Love is wonderful to feel in one’s life and is just as magnificent to witness in others.  One of the greatest gifts of being human is our capacity for such wonderful emotions and therefore when the spark of affection is ignited the lengths people will go to spend time with their ‘love’ can be monumental.  People spend countless hours, energy and money traveling to be together.  With a three-day weekend here, the spontaneity of travel plans starts a chain of events that leads to a weekend of time spent with loved ones.  Near and far, east and west and even north heading south, being able to spend time with someone you love is worth all the travel, money and time in the world.  It’s what makes love so special.

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