NFL Wild Card Weekend

This weekend is NFL wild card weekend.  The field of teams playing is being whittled away each week as the Superbowl, the mother of all games, is fast approaching. Playing in the Superbowl is the goal of every NFL team; the chance to be the best for the next year, the infamous ‘ring’ to wear as a badge of honor and bargaining power in negotiating more money on future contracts.  Everyone loves a winner just walk into any sports arena on any given game day and it is apparent.  From Big Blue to Tebow mania welcome to football 2012.  Sports bring out the fan in many of us.  Tailgating, fan related merchandise and television rights are just some of the many facets of football.  People hosts parties around game day and something as simple as a ‘game’ has a much deeper significance as playoffs begin.  We teach our children about sports, sign them up for soccer or little league.  We want them to learn what being on a team is all about and hopefully teach them not only the sweetness of victory, but how to be a gracious loser as well.  Well just as in the big league for every team that wins there is one who loses.  Not everyone can get to the Superbowl and while good training, excellent athletes and home field advantage plays a role, a little bit of luck never hurt anyone.  When the games begin with the first kick-off of each game, many of us will be watching, cheering and hoping our team will be the victor.  Another week of bragging rights showing our allegiance to our team and another week to be part of the NFL football experience.

Good luck to all teams playing this weekend and may the best teams win!