Could of, would of, should of…

What do you dream of? Starting a business, buying a new home, learning something new? Maybe traveling & adventures abroad is your wish. We all dream, but do you act upon them? Do you let your imagination guide you to new things & endless possibilities or do you just wish they would happen? Hope springs eternal & dreams are endless, but what are you doing to realize them?

While thinking about things is easy, it seems our minds can go into overdrive on demand, doing something about them is a lot harder. We all know too many people who live in the past. I refer to this stage as ‘the glory days’. Living with regrets about missed opportunities & the wish that things were different. They find more comfort in yesterdays rather than the excitement & prospects of today & tomorrow. I refer to this era as the could of, would of, & should of stage of life; sitting on your front porch in your senior years, remembering the past & regretting what you didn’t do. Was your life fulfilling, adventurous & exciting? Did you choose to step out of your comfort zone & take chances? Excuses instead of action cause inaction. Fear of failure, unsure on what to do or maybe even an unconscious awareness that succeeding at something could change everything & is frightening. These are all valid & real concerns, but is this the way you want to live your life? Someone once told me without fear you are a fool. Fear can be a good thing as it puts us on guard which will helps us research, be more aware & be our best. Harnessing apprehension of the unknown can be your friend in pursuing dreams.

Getting started isn’t as difficult as it seems once you decide you want change. First, what would you like to do? Learn something new, master cooking, volunteer, mentor or start a new business? Maybe it’s a total life change looking to move & restart somewhere else. Downsize or upsize sorting through our lifelong accumulation of ‘things’ is cathartic. The possibilities are endless, if you are open to it. Think long & hard about what you would love to do & once you figure it out, start. There are so many resources available online that your research can begin immediately & be done anywhere. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without knowing your destination, so write it down & chart a path. Seek out others who have made great change, I am sure they would love to share their own journey with you. People who have made great change can be an entirely new network of others who dream, imagine & then act. You should try it, the rewards are immeasurable. So the question for today is, What do you dream of doing? We’d all love to know!

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