Conscience and choice

Our conscience is that little voice inside our head that is supposed to ‘guide’  us,  help us make decisions and live a good an honorable life.  At sometime we all have experienced a guilty conscience.  We did something or hurt someone and then regretted our actions.  One of the things that makes us human is our feelings and our conscience.   Unfortunately, we all have experienced being on the receiving end of someone without a conscience .  There are many who while they hurt others or live less than honorable lives justify these actions.  Being able to fabricate ‘good’ reasons and excuses in order to justify bad behavior is a product of trying to calm that little voice in one’s head that challenges our decisions.  It is our upbringing and experience that gives that voice its’ vocabulary.  We are taught by our parents and those around us the difference between right and wrong and hopefully how to treat others. These lessons  are what helps us navigate our way through life.  It is sometimes hard however, to believe someone else’s behavior when we put their actions within the context of our own lives and conscience.  However, we are only as good as the examples that have been taught to us  and while right from wrong is fairly easy to understand, it is the nuances of behavior that are the most difficult.  The justification of behavior that from outside appearances may seem okay, however upon further analysis is really not that nice.  What makes us all so similar are the same things that make us different with choice being one of them.  The next time you feel the injustice of someone’s actions it may not be as blatant an injustice as you might think, it may be a different vocabulary from the little voice inside that person’s head.