Happiness comes from within

We are on a never-ending quest for happiness.  It is what life is about.  Living in a way that brings us joy and accomplishments should make us happy, yet to many it does not.  What exactly is happiness?     Is it a big house, a fancy car or is it something more?  We spend our lives pursuing things; education, a good job, more money, a spouse, a bigger house and the list goes on and on.  Milestones that from all appearances should make us happy.  Yet why are so many people unhappy?  Why is there so much ill will and angst?  Our lives have gotten so complex, yet our basic desire to be loved and feel connected has remained the same.  The world we live in has changed our perception of happiness by trying to convince us that happiness is wrapped up in material things.  We are inundated 24/7 with images of new cars, new fashion and plastic looking, badly behaving celebrities who are society’s role models.   At the end of the day however, what’s important is how we feel about ourselves.   There is no amount of money in the world, no house big enough or car fancy enough that can give us a feeling of being loved, respected or appreciated.  The pursuit of happiness is a personal journey to find self-worth and meaning in our lives.  A chance to make the world a better, kinder, gentler place and hopefully in the process find happiness! 

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