Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming! With Thanksgiving just one week away the time has come to be merry, jolly and start the rat race called the holiday season.  I really shouldn’t be that surprised, the Christmas items have been in Costco for months and Target put Christmas lights out with the Halloween decorations.  It is just the front entrance of my community as well as all the front gates around Naples are now decorated, and as of this week Sirius radio has devoted channels to 24/7  Christmas music.    Maybe one of the issues I have with getting into the ‘spirit’ is the weather.  As a transplanted New Yorker, I am still sporting my shorts and sandals and going to the beach while the rest of the country has started to bundle up.  Maybe it is not wanting to acknowledge that another year has passed and I didn’t get to do all the things I had planned on.  Or maybe it is just I feel like  time is moving all too quickly and I am not getting to savor every minute like I wish I could.  I am making my plans however, to drag out the Christmas tree this weekend, start sorting the lights, and wrap all those gifts I have been buying and putting away throughout the past few months.  I will look at the calendar and try to schedule where we will be and when.  I will try to fit in some baking, candy making, wrapping, christmas caroling and visiting but more importantly try to embrace the holiday season of 2010, make a memory of this moment and ultimately enjoy it! 

Let the holiday season begin!!!

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  1. You’ve been buying gifts for the past few months?!? You are so ahead of the game! I saw decorated Christmas trees up in Wegman’s mid-October, and I saw a household sporting one in their front window!

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