National Cancer Suvivors Day


Today is National Cancer Survivors Day.  A day to celebrate those who have fought cancer, those who have lost their battle, those who have waged the war on this deadly disease and pretty much anyone who has been affected by it.  When you think about it in those terms, today is a day to be celebrated by millions, because cancer affects us all.  Will there be massive media attention devoted towards today?  I would venture to say no.  So for those of us who have been on the frontline of cancer, the mothers, daughters, friends, doctors, nurses, neighbors and anyone touched by it,  I say celebrate today!  Spread the word, Tweet about it, blog about it, share it on your Facebook  status or just tell your friends, and let the world know that while cancer is devastating it will never take hope away from those who are affected by it.  Cancer sucks, but we will never give up and will continue to fight the fight against this deadly disease!

Happy Cancer Survivors Day!

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