Steve Jobs & Apple

Steve Jobs changed the world.  You do not have to be tech savvy to know about iPad, iPhones and Apple.  Investors love the stock and consumers love the products, all is good when it comes to Apple.  However, Steve Jobs with all his vision, talent, and money has died.  It once again brings home the point that we are all human.  There is no amount of money in the world that can bring you immortality or good health.  It is the common denominator people share and keeps us all connected.  We are born to die.   Unfortunately, there are many who die too young.  Steve Jobs lived a full life.  He had vision and was able to achieve great things with it.  His life and legacy will be remembered for generations to come.  What about the child who also died yesterday of cancer?  What will his or her legacy be?  Is his life any less valuable?  Will there be a public outcry of sadness and morning?  What about his family?  Will the support and condolences come flooding in?  Death comes to all of us.  We hope it comes later than sooner, but if we are lucky, we get to live our lives and hopefully do something productive and meaningful with it.  We get married, have children and try in some small way to leave our mark upon this world.  We need to feel we have made a difference.  Steve Jobs has secured his place in history.  Apple and all its wonderful products are here to stay and he will always be remembered as the visionary behind it.  This blog is for those kids who also lost their battle with cancer as well.  A tribute to those brave little people who were dealt the cruelest blow life can hand you.  They fight for their young lives, and persevere.  Childhood for them is filled with medical procedures and hospitals.  They may not have left a legacy of technology, yet they are a constant example and reminder to all of us that heroes come in small packages.  While they will never have the opportunity to fulfill their life potential of being the next visionary, they are just as important and their passing is just as important as Steve Jobs.

God bless everyone who loses the cancer fight!