No one can watch the television reports of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and not be affected by the devastation.  It is hard to comprehend the scope and magnitude of what has happened there and as the world steps in to help them, one must wonder, how do you recover from it?  How do you rebuild when you have nothing?  How do you move on when your town no longer exists and has been reclaimed by Mother Nature?  How do you continue when life as you once knew it no longer exists.  I still cannot comprehend the geological aspect of the quake when the country was moved by 8 feet in one day.  We seem so small and insignificant at times like these.  The Japanese are resilient people and will do their best to put their nation back on track.  In fact, the Japanese are just that, Japanese.  That gives them a strength and resolve to remain respectful and calm.  Reporters from all media outlets have made mention of the total respect within the Japanese culture. As is usually the case in other catastrophes, in Japan there is no looting, people standing on lines for hours waiting for some food and water with no arguing, cutting the line or unrest.  Just a  nation of people who although they are facing a daunting future, did not forget their humanity, their grace, their dignity and their respect for others.  Maybe there is more to learn from the Japanese from this tragedy than we all realize.

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