Here’s to mom’s!

Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate our mom’s.  The women in our lives who gave birth to us, raised us and supported us.  Mom’s are special people.  Mom’s know how to encourage us in our endeavours, yet help pick us up when we fail.  Mom’s have the capacity to love so immensely that sometimes it is by standing on the sidelines of our lives they show the most love and respect for us.  Mom’s deserve a day devoted to them, a chance to say ‘thank you’.  Unfortunately, there are many people who no longer have their mom’s around and do not get that chance to say I love you mom.    I am very fortunate that I still have my mom.  The distance of living in Florida does not afford me the opportunity to spend the day with my mother, but we stay connected as there is no mileage too great to keep us apart.  I love my mom and I love being a mom.  I have learned many things both from my mother as well as my children.  I have learned about patience, compassion, forgiveness and respect. I will spend the day with my daughters and some friends and I wish all mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day.  Without these wonderful women, what would this world really be like?  I would hate to even imagine.
Happy Mother’s Day!