September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Kids Get Cancer Too

September is National Childhood Cancer  Awareness Month.  I am sure most people do not know this, but I do.  I tell everyone I can since I want the world to recognize that gold in September stands for kids with cancer.  We all know about ‘think pink’ and the major marketing effort put forward for breast cancer, yet children who are our future are not afforded such notoriety.  It frustrates me and more than myself it frustrates my daughter Alicia.  She is a cancer survivor and she wants the world to know about all the kids like her, who battle so valiantly for their lives. With September being a few short weeks away, I am fortunate to have gotten the support of Saks Fifth Avenue at Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, New York to help me further our cause.  They are hosting a day of shopping on September 24 benefitting the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer  and giving me the opportunity to raise awareness.  Saks is a great supporter of kids with cancer and along with them I called upon my friends at Cabot Cheese to come spend the day giving out samples and lending support to us, thank you farmers!  My team is strong as my volunteers are working to secure entertainment, food and drinks for all our guests who will shop that day.  I am lucky to have such strong support and hope the crowds will come, if not only to sample something delicious, but to show they too know all about National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

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