The Honeysuckle Foundation

This is where pretty much everything that is important began. A pediatric cancer diagnosis for my youngest daughter Alicia changed our world & our lives forever. I like to believe that good things can come out of bad, it’s all how you deal with it, & the experience 20 years ago was the impetus for so much good.

The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer was named for the block we lived on at the time, Honeysuckle Court. A suburban Long Island, NY community, it was the neighbors who lived on Honeysuckle Court who rallied around Alicia & our family & helped us every step of the way. Although we have moved far from that block, the friendships forged during these times are the life long friendships that movies are made of.

The Honeysuckle Foundation helps provide psycho-social support & resources to pediatric oncology programs & families. Our mission is to deal with the psychological & emotional side of treatment that doesn’t come in the form of an I.V. With child-life specialists, social workers, art therapist & music therapists, it is out goal that kids on treatment get support & resources they need through play, music or one on one interaction, to help deal with the life & death diagnosis they are faced with.

The Honeysuckle Foundation in action