Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and another year is almost over.  As we  prepare to spend time with family and friends eating and drinking too much and making new memories, we should remember what Thanksgiving is all about; giving thanks.  I always try to spend some time reflecting upon the prior year and remembering all the things that I should be thankful for.  It is hard when we get so caught up in the rush of everyday living to really be pragmatic and reflect upon the ‘greater things’.  Although this has been a tough year for most with a faltering economy, we still have many things to be grateful for.

I myself have much to say thanks for and so my list begins.  I am thankful for my children and their health.  It is only when their health is compromised do we realize that even our children are just mere mortals and the gift of life can be snatched in a moment. I am thankful that as a single parent I was able to give Lauren a wonderful college education and I am so proud of her.  I am thankful that Alicia is flourishing in high school and assimilated so beautifully in high school with straight A’s.  I am thankful for my parents.  How lucky I am to be able to speak to them on the phone everyday and get to see them whenever I want.  I am thankful for my friends.  Near and far the people who stand by me and my family no matter what.  Whether the neighbor, the nurse or the teacher who we ‘picked up’ as friends along the way, this intricate network of special people got me to where I am today. All of them are the backbone of our life and keep us laughing every step of the way.   I am thankful for my life.  Although I’ve had my share of adversity, it is only by dealing with problems and stress that I can now truly appreciate goodness and peace. 

I am thankful for living in a country that although we have differences, gives me the freedom and opportunity to write my blog,  do my not for profit work and live a life that is still one of the richest in the world.  I am thankful that God never gave up on me, even when I had my doubts and hit some of my lowest points.  I am thankful for my life!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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