The Sandwich Generation


Our roles in life are continually changing.  From childhood through adulthood to our ‘golden’ years, our roles are in a constant state of flux.  Adapting and embracing these roles is sometimes difficult, but something we all must face. As I have entered into middle age, I have found myself as a parent, caregiver, single woman and business person.  While not all of these things were in my original plan, the saying is you plan and God laughs.  My latest role has been taking care of my aging parents.  I am part of the sandwich generation still having a teenager while dealing with the health issues of older parents. Working on two different planes of high school and college while dealing with health issues is something I am well equipped for with my family’s history of battling pediatric cancer.  I take all of it in stride while managing doctors visits, tests and medications.  I  believe my past has prepared me for this time and my girls strong resolve and compassion towards illness has relieved much of the stress felt by people tending to two generations.  Life is to be lived one moment at a time and while we all like to plan and foresee everything in our future, this is not realistic; dealing with today and the here and now is.  I recently re-read the book I wrote about pediatric cancer to refresh myself with some sage advice.  I have been down a difficult road before and know how to navigate through the ‘potholes’ of life.  Sometimes we need a little refresher course on just how to do it.

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