Happy Birthday Stephen!

Today is my son Stephen’s 19th birthday a day I remember as a very special day.  It was the day I gave birth to my little boy for whom I had such great aspirations and dreams.  Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you planned however, as I have not had the luxury of sharing his birthday with him since he turned 13.  At 13 he left to live with his father who had filed for divorce from me.  The funny thing is my ex wanted a divorce, I never could have imagined what he really  wanted was to destroy all of our relationships.  So my son left and I complied with his wishes never to be heard from again.  So today as I wrote a happy birthday wish on my son’s Facebook wall along with dozens of other friends, my sentiments have been deleted.  My wishes for happiness and love for him with an invitation to visit me must have been threatening and therefore were removed.  Stephen is a very confused and manipulated young man who once again tries to shut out his mother, grandparents and sisters  birthday wishes by the push of a delete button.  I recently met with a friend of mine Jill, who once was my son’s Facebook friend.  She unfriended him due to his disrespect for me and my family.  That made my son very angry; angry enough to initiate a telephone call.  No call for holidays, thank you s for gifts or just to say hello.  A call to berate his mother because her friend stood up to his bad behavior and for being so disrespectful.  She is my friend and proved it with her actions.

I wish my son Stephen a happy 19th birthday here in my blog since a mother’s love for her children cannot be deleted with the click of a key.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Rene… If every woman could model themselves after your example of what a mother is and should be, the world would be a much better place.

  2. This is almost exactly my story. Today is my son’s 17th birthday. His 11th was our last good one. Luckily I never married his Father but the outcome is the same none the less. I wish Jude Bickel, my only biological child, a very happy birthday and life.

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