I wrote a book.  I guess it is really no major feat nowadays, since everyone including ‘Snooki’  and ‘JWoww’ have written books, in my opinion much about nothing.  I think my book is good and those who have read it tell me so, but my book gets no attention.  I have no morning news shows wanting to feature my story, no bookstores to take me up on my offers for book signings and no shelf space at Barnes & Noble.  You see I am not a celebrity.  I am a mother whose story is about my daughter’s tough, but successful battle against cancer.  My book is written from a place of raw emotion and tough times.  Before this experience I believed I had nothing to share that I thought was worthwhile for anyone else to read.  After my daughter’s battle with cancer however, I wanted to share my story and so I wrote.  I wrote and wrote and edited and revised and tried to make my story as good a book I could possibly make it.  I actually thought my book would catch interest from those who read it and believed all those television and radio shows I wrote to would also find interest in such a serious topic as childhood cancer.  I was mistaken.  I was fortunate enough to do a radio spot on Jordan Rich’s show in Boston, a gracious and classy host, but he was the only one.  I am not a public figure.  I do not have a reality TV show nor am I  a badly behaving celebrity the masses clamor to read about and therefore my book gets no publicity.  I have gotten over the initial shock of it, as my small following of people who read my blog and follow my tweets have given me great feedback about what I do, however, it is a sobering thought to think how we have devolved into a society where true struggle and triumph like children battling cancer are ignored while ridiculous and stupid behavior is news worthy.

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