Wear our heart on your sleeve

I am constantly thinking of ways to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.  Living with me is sometimes like living in a marketing ‘think tank’ as I am always looking for the novel idea that will take root and spread like wildfire across this country.  It may just be a pipe dream, but I will continually try.  Each and everyday I want people to recognize some of the hard facts about pediatric cancer such as; September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, pediatric cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death of children in this country and each day 46 kids are diagnosed with this insidious disease.  The problem is, unless you know someone personally touched by this disease, most people don’t give it much thought.  Once it has made a presence in your life however, life as you once knew it will never be the same.  So I am starting a new campaign called Wear our heart on your sleeve geared to the kids of this country, but definitely for anyone who dares to wear a temporary tattoo proclaiming you are supporting kids with cancer.  At $1 a piece this is a small-scale project that teachers, coaches and community leaders can do with kids, but impact it can have could be monumental. 

I have gotten some great response to my initial requests for people interested  and will keep everyone posted.  I want everyone to know about pediatric cancer and rally around this cause since none of us know if pediatric cancer might come knocking at our own door.  If it should heaven forbid, wouldn’t it be great to have the whole world behind you in support?

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