I Tweet…..

I pretend to be tech savvy and part of the “new generation” of social media gurus.  I have a page on Facebook, an account on Linked In, a blog on WordPress, and I tweet on Twitter.  Maybe I am a bit more over the top than the average person about this, but the concept of networking has always intrigued me.  It matters who you know as much as what you know.  It use to be that networking involved after work meetings over some cocktails and finger foods.  The reach of your networking involved those who attended the same meeting as you.  Nowadays however, due to the birth of the internet, networking is substantial.  The impact of one’s online presence is universal.  Anyone who has a computer and an internet connection is a potential contact.  Maybe it is more of an experiment in human nature and the ability for me an ordinary woman in Florida to connect with people all over the country and world, but I find this exercise fascinating.  I have a voice and I always have something to say.  I wrote a book and founded a charity.   My platform is here and everywhere I post.  I will not change the world, but my opinion can be viewed and shared by all who care to read what I write. I now attract followers, post blogs and have done radio interviews.  I do this because the platform of the internet gives me the credibility to help promote my cause and share my message.  I consider myself a novice social media participant learning something new about it each and everyday.  My name is Rene Fesler-Giacalone and I tweet.

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  1. And a fine job you’re doing, being involved with the online social lifestyle. It’s good to have a voice over a few platforms, though I wouldn’t recommend you taking on too much that you can’t handle. It’s great being connected to the rest of the world.

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