Be Merry

Making a memory!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! The season of presents, parties & cheer. What happens however, if you aren’t feeling Christmas joy? We all know people who find the holidays a time of loneliness and sadness. Missing loved ones who have passed or experiencing holidays as a divorced person, we all know someone dealing with this. These things can be a painful reminder & a time to feel just how much they miss what once was. Children grow up & move away or some are abandoned or estranged from loved ones. The holidays exacerbate these circumstances and the media seems to remind us how perfect everyone else’s life appears. The fact is no one’s life is perfect While everyone’s story and struggle is unique, the holidays can be a great opportunity to make new traditions & memories based upon who & where we are today. We are responsible for our own happiness and reflecting fondly upon Christmas’ past, remembering all the good times we had with those we hold near and dear to us, celebrating with family & friends, & making new memories is a way to move on with life. Memories are those wonderful experiences that keep us company in our solitude & make us laugh out loud. Each and everyday we have an opportunity to do something good to make a difference & to make a moment to remember. We can never go back to what once was and would we really want to? We can however, be engaged & involved to make the present & future as fabulous as we possibly can.

Reach out to a friend, relative or neighbor & invite them to be a part of your holiday this season & let’s all make lots of memories!

Merry Christmas to all!