Christmas 2019

The magic of Christmas here! All the hustle & bustle of Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, followed by New Years Eve celebrations has finally arrived. As we prepare to make new memories with family & friends, it’s important to remember that with each passing year, life is different. No two days are ever the same. A year can be a lifetime & many years an eternity. There may be new faces at the table~babies are born, people get married, families come together, children grow older & loved ones pass away. Life as we once knew it is different. Whether by choice or chance, this year, like every year, is different than last. So if you are adjusting to a new reality, be patient with yourself. The loss of loved ones, whether through estrangement or death, is heartbreaking. The pain doesn’t go away. With time & living however, it becomes a cherished memory of what once was rather than emptiness in your soul. If you know someone who has suffered a loss, be kind. Be patient & be present because you are an important part of the new memories, laughter & joy that helps fill that void.

Merry Christmas to all & make lots of memories with the people you love!