For the love of money

Money makes the world go round are lyrics to a song as well as reality.  You cannot live without money.  It provides for us the necessities of life as well as the luxuries.  To what lengths will people go to get it, earn it and keep it?  We all know people who are disciples of money.  They define themselves by their material objects and ‘things’ more than who they are.  The relationships with their children, family and friends pale in comparison to the almighty buck and they know no end and may  steal it, even if they are not the rightful owners.  Small scale or large, money makes strange bedfellows and if you want to see what people are made of just threaten taking something financially away from them.  Our economy crashed and the courts are filled with people who have been conned or are trying to con others all for the sake of a buck.  While we do not need much, most of us want lots.  However, at the end of the day or the end of our lives what does money really bring us?  Does it make us better people or worse?  Does it give us friends or just acquaintances who are around for the financial benefit of being a ‘friend’? Does it provide us comfort if we are sick or dying?  Does it guarantee a life free of strive and our health?  The answer is a resounding No!  Money is what you make it and if you allow it to rule your life and taint your relationships you will pay a price.  A price that may not seem terribly high at the time, but one day for the love of money, you may just end up all alone.

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